Pagi Sore CARES

Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant began the Pagi Sore CARES initiative as part of our Company's desire to give back to the community. Pagi Sore believes that as a brand born, nurtured and supported by Singapore, it is our duty to contribute in any way we can to our society.

Yellow Ribbon Project

Pagi Sore helps ex-offenders to reintegrate back into society by upholding the motto of the Project: "Help unlock the second prison". On 18th October 2002, Pagi Sore received an award of appreciation from the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) for participating in their Rehabilitation Scheme since 1999. Up until 2010, we continue to offer ex-offenders not simply employment, but an opportunity to prove not only to society but more importantly to themselves that when given a chance and a right path, they can change for the better and like any other Singaporean in our little island, they matter too. To find out more about the yellow ribbon project, click here.

Learning Journey for Ministry of Education (MOE) Students

The Ministry of Education (MOE) launched a new initiative that aims to expose students beyond the classroom curriculum and to industries and organizations in Singapore. In 2010, Pagi Sore was given an opportunity to share its first journey with Prebysterian High. As an F&B industry with 21 years of history, Pagi Sore seeks to share its experiences, values and insights with students. We do so with the hopes of inspiring them into perhaps pursuing a rewarding career in the service industry, and contributing to Singapore's elite hospitality and tourism strength.

Pagi Sore believes that every step counts, and by taking little steps within our means, we hope to one day grow as an organization that can contribute a lot more to Singapore and perhaps one day, the world.