Liyana Kwan


Ms Liyana Kwan was born and raised in a nondescript village among the Riau Islands. In her late 20s, she spent numerous years traveling parts of Indonesia honing her culinary knowledge and skills in order to bring her dreams to fruition.

A self professed perfectionist, Ms Kwan believes that just as great art takes much passion and care, great food requires attention to detail and a great deal of heart. Her best creations include the famous 'Ikan Ota Kukus', 'Terung Tau Chio' and 'Ayam Bali'.

"All good things are best enjoyed, when enjoyed by many" – Liyana Kwan (on her thoughts of great food)

Even till today, do not be surprised when you pay Pagi Sore a visit and find the Jolly Ms Kwan herself hustling and bustling in the Pagi Sore kitchens ensuring that all your dishes are as good as you remember them. A woman with unwavering principles and ethics, Ms Kwan applies her ideals to Pagi Sore, ensuring that every dish that is served is done so, with the customer at heart.

"I honestly feel I have no secret whatsoever to reveal when it comes to cooking. What I do have is a strict belief that when you put all your heart into a task, it will turn out to be the best."
– Liyana Kwan (on her greatest secret to cooking good food)