History of the Business

Since its establishment in 1989 as a business entity, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant has continually proven its ability to adapt to changing environments, customer needs and business trends. Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant’s origins began as a humble “Nasi Padang”-concept operation, albeit selling the same great tasting Indonesian fare that all our customers are familiar with today.

As a small eating establishment, Pagi Sore Nasi Padang (as it was known then) was met with immensely popular response, undoubtedly a result of owner Ms Liyana Kwan’s no-nonsense dedication to providing good food from a simple kitchen coupled with what she termed as “cooking from the heart”.

Ever the ambitious businesswoman, Ms Liyana Kwan found that changing circumstances and environments, both in her personal life and in the business necessitated that she took the business to a different playing field. Ms Liyana Kwan began experimenting with ingredients and sauces, and tirelessly coming up with new recipes, incorporating different cooking styles and pouring through various F&B systems, concepts and ideas.

In 2004, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant was established, no longer a Nasi Padang, but a full fledged A la Carte Restaurant. With her funds depleted from Research and Development, Ms Liyana kwan acquired the only space she could afford that was still within the CBD area where she once carved a name – a nondescript space at Amoy Street.

Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant’s success today has nothing to do with luck. Ms Liyana Kwan’s perseverance and foresight paid off. The CBD crowd took an immediate liking to the all-new Pagi Sore. From a mere 40-seater at Amoy Street, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant reestablished itself at the 130-seater Far East Square, churning out fresh and piping hot dishes with no-compromise policy on quality, efficiency and service.

Ms Liyana Kwan’s foresight and gamble in developing premixes, stable operation systems and an adaptable business concept paid off: With these factors in hand, the Pagi Sore Franchise was born.

A brief FAQ on the Pagi Sore Franchise

Why should we franchise Pagi Sore?

Pagi Sore is a brand with a history of at least 20 years, and a success story that began since 1989. The brand is known to its customers for its consistency and quality; to its stakeholders for its growth, development and potential; and to its employees for its pride. The Pagi Sore brand is recognized as more than just your typical Indonesian fare, or your typical restaurant, as we proudly proclaim our slogan: Authentically Indonesian, Uniquely Pagi Sore.

Who is behind Pagi Sore?

First-generation Founder and Head Chef Ms Liyana Kwan currently helms Pagi Sore, along with her son, Business Development Manager Mr Park Tan. Find out more about our Founder here

What do you look for in a franchisee?

Pagi Sore looks for individuals/teams who share similar ideals and values as our Founder. We look for strength of character, business ethics, financial stability, and above all, dedication to our brand.

Where are you looking to franchise?

Currently, Pagi Sore is looking for franchisees interested in local and regional expansion.